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It’s time to grow your business

We offer our customers equipment with added value. Innovation is our business.

We see ourselves as  market leader in the fields of laminating, cutting, shredding and binding. We hold patents for our products all over the world.

Thanks to many years of experience and the focus on technical expertise and commercial capabilities, which we feel has led monolith GmbH to this successful position.

But see for yourself – please contact us and let’s work for the success of your company together.



German Quality

„Made in Germany“ is still a convincing statement on the international market. We provide our customers with innovative technologies, modern design and uniqueness. not only the ideas for our products are developed in Germany, the products also receive their final testing in Germany. We offer our customers a high degree of quality and safety standards. We have the highest demands with respect to efficient quality assurance. All our procucts have to go through tough quality assurance tests carried out by organizations such as the German TÜV group the “Institut Fresenius” as well as LGA Nuremberg.

American Marketing

America – the land of endless possibilities – is still setting standards in the area of marketing and its strategies. Those standards often take months to be introduced in Europa. Back in Germany we are the first to pick up on new tendencies and dynamics. Our motto: don’t waste time with long speeches – just do it!
But we don’t run after new trends – we rather create them. Direct sales and simple distribution structures are our strong suit.

Chinese cost advantages

For foreign investors China has been a rather attractive production site with plenty of advantages. Advantages such as a large procurement market, a growing labour force as well as an attractive wage level. As a member of the BSCI, we are aware of our corporate responsibility. The monolith GmbH stands up for the improvement of social standards within the global value chain.